what we do

We add value to your unbuilt project by creating desire. By visualising your project in a exclusive way, we create an ‘environment’ in which your potential customers / clients desire your upcoming project. Therefore you should always be able to profit from our services.

In order to fulfil on that promise, we have to make sure that:

  • the core values of your project will be represented in the visualization.
  • the perspectives form a nice balance between creativity and showing the right information.
  • the materials and technical details are represented in the most realistic way.
  • each visualisation has the correct lighting to elevate your project.
our services

”Doing what you like is freedom, liking what you do is happiness”


We start with listening to you. It’s important that we find out as much as possible about your project. This is necessary to make sure the core values of your project will be represented in the visualization.111


Based on four clear phases we start ‘building’ the visualization. During this process there will be multiple occasions in which feedback can be given.


After finishing your project we would like to hear what kind of impact the visualisations had on your project. This way we are able to further improve our visualisations in the future.

who we are
Bohdan Polishchuk
Eugene Sereda
3D Artist
Marco Bolhuis
Owner & projectmanager
Maxim Gorlach
3D Artist
Nastia Tempinskaia
3D Artist
our studio

We would like to give you some insight into our workplace.

what defines vyb
"Quality is not an act, it’s a habit”
— aristotle

The challenge while making a visualization is the pursuit for the ‘perfect balance’. This ‘balance’ isn’t something that is easy to define on paper. It’s something that needs a certain touch of an artist. Our team mostly consists out of creative people, that have the talent to deal with this challenge and to make sure your renderings will have that unique look.


It’s our ambition to make the best visualizations. This constant urge to deliver more quality has brought us, after only 2,5 years in this business to where we stand today. Working with us, means that you can expect a partner that will constantly try to raise the bar.


We believe in a way of communication / working that adapts to your needs and personality. We prefer to personalise our work process for each client so that you can feel comfortable during the whole process. After all, each person is different and not everyone has the same imagination skills.